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Helping your child who is hearing impaired to listen and talk: Pollack's legacy

"Vigilant and committed parents often seek early diagnostics to ensure their children are set up for success by being able to see and hear well in school. One Colorado-based nonprofit, the Listen Foundation, is the legacy of a extraordinary woman named Doreen Pollack whose story is told via this interview today with her daughter, Naomi Cohen. Cohen talks to how the Listen Foundation, founded by Doreen Pollack, would like every child born with a hearing loss to be able to receive the innovative therapy developed by Pollack. Cohen says that with the current technology, 'sign language as the first option or main option just doesn't seem right.'"
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Parents Connecting With The World

Auditory-Verbal Parents in Touch Over the World

The aim of this group is to build a global alliance of parents of children with hearing loss interested in Auditory-Verbal Therapy who would like to be in touch with one another to share experiences, ideas and help other parents to develop the listening and spoken language through active consistent participation of the family.
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Hearing screening for my baby ... is it important?

Understanding Newborn Hearing Screening

In this podcast, ASHA-certified audiologist Dr. Patti Martin talks about what to expect from a newborn hearing screening, why it is important, and how to identify the signs of hearing loss within the first year of a child’s life.
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Do-It-Yourself-Fundraiser Raises $1,000

Brian Frevert and Friends Raise $1,000 for the Listen Foundation!

...with their second annual Dam-to-Dam Ride. Brian and his co-workers from RubinBrown LLP rode a 35 mile loop from Littleton to the Bear Creek Dam (Bear Creek Park) then to Chatfield Dam and back to Littleton. Afterwards, Brian and his wife, Kay, treated the group to a barbecue, all the while dodging the rain! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Music To My Ears

Can A Hearing Impaired Child Become a Musician?

Did you know that deaf children, like this one, can not only learn to listen and talk, they can learn to play musical instruments? And learning music has important benefits, even beyond imbuing a love for this form of art. Researchers have found that learning music may have unexpected benefits – like improved reading ability.



Thank you for your interest in The Listen Foundation.  We are a non-profit dedicated to helping Colorado families with children who are deaf or hearing impaired reach their full potential.  We hope you find our site interesting and informative.  To learn more about Listen, call us at 303-781-9440.  We love listening!



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Listen's Kids In Action

What Makes Listen's Auditory-Verbal Therapy Unique?

Actions speak louder than words. See some of Listen's kids in action, using their learned skills to listen and talk.

Each of these kids experience profound hearing loss at a young age. Through the help of Listen's Auditory-Verbal Therapy, these kids were able to find their voice and now have the skills to successfully integrate into their communities and function as independent individuals.

Click the link below to see and hear the story of Lauren, Noah, and Lani-Eun

See Listen in Action!

Is Auditory-Verbal Therapy Right For My Child?

listenfoundation1Professor Karl White is a psychologist at Utah State University, and is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on early identification and treatment of hearing loss.
Professor White was recently invited to give a talk for TEDx. It proved to be a wonderfully concise, precise and uncontroversial summary of how far we have come in the last 30 years in out ability to identify deafness in children while still in their birth hospital, in the strides made in technology for the deaf, and in early education for deaf children. The talk contains footage of Helen Keller, as well as video clips from the past and present of deaf children communicating.

Please take about 15 minutes to review this talk - it really sums up what programs such as USU’s and Listen’s are all about. It is so uplifting, you may find yourself shedding a tear!


Watch His TED Talk Here


Nov 2015 Listening Groups


Come and join the Parent-tot Listening Groups, a learning group for both parents and their tots, every 3rd Saturday of the month. Families with children ages birth to 3+ years are welcome to come and join the listening!


6950, E. Belleview, Suite 203



For children: birth to 18 months, please come at 10:00am

For children: 18 months to 3 years, please come at 11:00am 

Dates: February 21st, March 21st, (location may vary-details to come), April 18th, & May 16th 




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The Principles of Auditory-Verbal Practice

1. Working toward the earliest possible identification of hearing loss in infants and young children, ideally in the newborn nursery.  Conducting an aggressive program of audiologic management.

2. Seeking the best available sources of medical treatment and technological amplification of sound for the child who is deaf or hard of hearing as early as possible.

3. Helping the child understand the meaning of any sounds heard, including spoken language, and teaching the child's parents how to make sound meaningful to the child all day long.

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