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About Listen

Listen Foundation was founded in 1969 and was the first organization in the world to advocate Listening and Spoken Language therapy (LSL), and remains Colorado’s only parent centered, auditory-based communication approach for teaching children who are deaf and hard of hearing spoken language through listening.



The Listen Foundation provides for and assists children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families, with access to a proven speech, language, and listening therapy method to help them achieve a life of independence.


Impact of Hearing Loss

Incidence of deafness is 1-3 per 1,000 births and 90% of children born deaf have hearing parents. Children using sign language are isolated from the general population and dependent on interpreters for communication. They typically have a 4th grade reading level at 17 years of age. 45% of deaf individuals do not graduate from high school, and only 5% graduate from college. Most are under– or un-employed. Those with jobs earn 50%-70% less than their hearing peers. The life-time cost to the public in terms of medical, educational, and productivity losses is $1,020,000.


Impact of Listening and Spoken Language Therapy

Children can attend and fully participate in regular mainstreamed schools. Research shows that over 50% of what a child learns is through incidental listening. These children do not rely on lip-reading so they can learn from conversations around them. LSL is literacy based so reading scores tend to be higher than those of typical hearing peers. Children can learn to play musical instruments, perform in the choir or learn to dance. They have better opportunities for higher education and employment. They will be able to compete at an equal level in all typical life experiences.


Listen Children

Come from families who cannot afford to pay for services. Optimal age for starting therapy is birth to three, but Listen provides services up to age 18. Most are in Denver Metro but children outside the Front Range can receive services through tele-intervention video conferencing. All families with children who have a hearing loss can attend parent workshops at no charge.


Community Partners include

The Denver Foundation, the Daniels Fund, Anschutz Family Foundation, Coors Foundation, Denver’s Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation, Oberkotter Foundation, Wells Fargo, National Cattlemen’s Beef Assoc., Cochlear Americas.

Plaque Presentation

Cherry Creek Has Heart!

Pat Greenway and Naomi Cohen of the Listen Foundation present a plaque to the Cherry Creek Has Heart Committee at the Merrill Lynch office in Cherry Creek. The committee is made up of independent financial advisors who have donated $15,000 to sponsor three children for a year. Listen Foundation greatly appreciates this generous and thoughtful contribution.

Plaque presentation 2017 

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Listen has been awarded

the El Pomar Foundation

Award for Excellence 


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Listening and Spoken Language Practice

1. Working toward the earliest possible identification of hearing loss in infants and young children, ideally in the newborn nursery.  Conducting an aggressive program of audiologic management.

2. Seeking the best available sources of medical treatment and technological amplification of sound for the child who is deaf or hard of hearing as early as possible.

3. Helping the child understand the meaning of any sounds heard, including spoken language, and teaching the child's parents how to make sound meaningful to the child all day long.

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